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Sunday, 16 October 2011


A Venetian landmark, the iconic Caffè Florian in the city's Piazza San Marco has been frequented by many luminaries of the literary, musical and art world since opening its doors in 1720.  The illustrious clientele include Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Proust, Rousseau and Stravinsky to name but a few. At the time Caffè Florian was the only café in the city that allowed women to enter and the infamous Casanova used it as his playground.

Today, devotee’s travel far and wide to soak up its ambiance and to stop awhile and recapture some of the Caffè’s history.  Thanks to Senti, you too can now enjoy a little of the Caffè Florian magic in your own home. 

Senti - the home of all things fragrant is the first stockist to be trusted with the range of Caffè Florian room fragrances, perfume and bath and body products.

The only remaining Venetian Master Perfumer, Lorenzo Dante Ferro has created room fragrances for Caffè Florian - using only the finest essential oils and no artificial ingredients. The room fragrances come in four distinctive fragrances costing £16.00 each for 35ml.

The Sala Orientale is woody and warm with notes of vetiver grass, the distinctive fruity scent of fresh citrus, Sala del Senato, the Sala Deglis Uomini Illustri, with a warm and intense scent with Oriental spices and the delicately light but lingering, Sala della Stagioni, which has a powdery floral fragrance.

Aqua Admirabilis is the Signature Caffè Florian perfume (£50.00 - 50ml) – a combination of orange flowers, lemon, bergamot, jasmine and lily with an amber base.  This delightful fragrance is also available in a shower gel (£28.00 - 250ml), a body lotion (£32.00 - 50ml) and a luxurious moisturising bath and body emollient, which can be added to bath water or directly to the skin before or after a bath (£35 – 125ml).

Visit Senti at 39b High Street, Wimbledon Village to find luxury room fragrances, scented candles, perfumes and gorgeous bath and body potions.  Or to order online go to  Call 0208 947 5179 if you would prefer to order over the phone.

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