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Monday, 20 February 2012

The Height of Fashion Scents from Senti

It’s so easy to forget about our clothes when they are hanging in the wardrobe behind closed doors, folded neatly in the drawer, or neatly packed away until the sun decides to show its face once more; but now is the time to give your wardrobe a seasonal makeover all of its own.

Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a chemist, cosmetologist and perfumer from Florence has created the perfect accessory to scent your wardrobes and linen cupboards with his new Linen Collection, available from Senti. 

The Linen Collection includes a Linen Spray, which can be sprayed directly onto clothing and bed linen to instantly freshen and scent fabrics. White ceramic Scented Biscuits, which come elegantly boxed with an additional scent, and Fragrant Paper Squares in boxes of ten both of which can be used in wardrobes, placed in drawers or linen cupboards to gently diffuse the fragrance and continuously scent your clothes. 
With spring about to burst upon us, it’s time to pack away winter clothes to make room for your spring wardrobe.  Place one of the luxurious Amber fragranced squares or biscuits amongst your clothes before packing them away and your clothes will have a rich, warm autumnal fragrance when you unpack them again.

The woody Terra fragrance with Green Musk, Lavender, Vanilla and Bourbon is perfect for a gentleman’s wardrobe and will leave his clothes smelling like he’s just been strolling through a winter woodland when he unpacks them next year.

The Lavender and Thyme fragrance, often used in days gone by for repelling moths and insects is perfect for placing in your linen cupboards, spraying directly onto your bed linen or even your bathrobe to help you relax after a long soak in the bath at the end of the day.

You can visit Senti at 39b High Street, Wimbledon Village to find the full range of Dr. Vranjes products, including other luxury room fragrances, scented candles, perfumes and gorgeous bath and body potions.  For prices and to order online please visit, for telephone orders call 0208 947 5179.

Fragrances available for Linen Spray, Fragranced Biscuits and Paper Squares;

Aria - Created with Citrus, Bergamot & blooming Mimosa and blended with Marine Algae & White Musk. Aria is an elegant and delicate fragrance.

Ambra - A very rich fragrance with Oriental notes, appreciated by perfume teachers the world over for its elegance and rare components.

Ginger & Lime -This extremely popular fragrance links the fresh and citrus notes of lime with the spicy fragrances of ginger - beautiful clean fragrance. 

Green Flowers - Fresh, sunny top notes that include Bergamot, Orange and Citron. The body of the perfume is floral, a bouquet of Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Yellow Broom, Mimosa and Narcissus. The base and heart of the fragrance is formed from the scent of Vetiver that completes the perfume’s character.

Lavanda Timo (Lavender & Thyme) – A fine Lavender from Provence together with thyme.

Magnolia & Orchid -The Magnolia entwines with the light perfume from the orchid to produce a surprisingly light, subtle yet refined fragrance – perfect for Spring and Summer.

Terra - Notes of Green Musk and blended with Provencal Lavender, Vanilla and Bourbon. This fragrance is an all time favourite and suitable all year round.

39b High Street
Wimbledon Village
London SW19 5BY
Tel: 0208 947 5179

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