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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Smell of Style from Senti

There’s nothing worse than walking into a meeting room or home riddled with the scent of the occupier’s lunch or the stagnant smell of an airless space, is there? I’ve recently discovered this stylish, room fragrance from the Rosso Nobile collection, available from Senti, that would be ideal for irradiating any unwanted stench and would also serve as a fabulous gift.

Created and lovingly crafted in Florence by Dr Paolo Vranjes – a chemist, cosmetologist and perfumer – the fragrance is based on a dessert red wine and infused with herbs and spices. As well as it’s great smelling properties the products acts as a statement piece in any room. Priced at £169, the scent is presented in a handmade box, includes a decanter and is infused by vines. 

Rosso Nobile is also available in 250ml beautiful glass bottles with black reeds, £69.00, inspired by and carefully created to follow the lines of the famous Duomo, Florence’s Cathedral of Santa Maria di Flori.

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